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2013 Spring Game Schedule

Game Times to be announced
Ralph Chandler Middle school

Yahoo Map for Shoeless Joe Jackson Field - HERE.

Yahoo Map for David Jackson Field - HERE.

Yahoo Map for Woodside Mill Baseball Park - HERE.

For directions to the school click on the link www.Ralphchandlermiddleschool.com

www.greenvillerec.com For Directions to Greenville tech fields

www.leaguelineup.com/lexingtonbaseball  for directions to Columbia Fields

Games will be played at 1pm and 4:00pm at one or more fields in the Greenville area (TBA).  All games are played within a 2hr 45min time limit.  All games MUST stop at the 2hr 45min mark - NO EXCEPTIONS!  There is no leaway between games so teams much get off and on the field quickly; games must start on-time.

Rain-out Policy:  If the field is deemed unplayable due to inclement weather, or poor field conditions, it will be posted on the Website no later than two hours before game time.  Otherwise, the home plate Umpire will decide the field's condition at game time.  (IOWs, if it's not posted on this website, show up!)

About the RAIN MAKE-UP weekends.  If there's a rain make-up weekend needed, then the season will simply be "pushed down a week", but remain on the same schedule.  Example, if games for the weekend of 4/10 are rained-out, then the schedule is just "shifted down" so that the 4/10 games are now played the next weekend (4/17), and so forth.  The Website will reflect the schedule change.  

The FIRST Team listed is the AWAY team and wears the RED jersey!  The SECOND Team list is the HOME team and wears the BLUE jersey!  Regardless - bring both jersey's to the game, just in case!

** Check schedule a few days before your game EVERY WEEK, as the schedule will probably change a few times during the season!

If you must miss any game, please let your Managers know so they can adjust their fielding linups. It can be challenging if done at the last minute.

Team Name Origins:

Troy Trojans -  A MLB team from Troy, NY that played in a pre-MLB professional league from 1879 to 1882.  More than half the team helped millionaire tobacconist John B. Day and veteran amateur basball player Jim Mutrie start a new MLB team, the New York Gothams.  They won their first NL Pennant in 1888 and repeated in 1889.  From then on, they took on the nickname Giants.  John McGraw and Christy Matthewson later created the first New York dynasty including the honors of winning the first World Series game.  In 1957 the club moved to California and are the San Francisco Giants today.

Boston Red Caps - later known as the Beaneaters, the Red Caps/Beaneaters were one of the most dominant teams in the 19th century winning 8 of 24 pennants.  The team was decimated when many of the players jumped over to the new higher-paying American League team in 1901.  The team only manage to have one winning season from 1900 to 1913 and lost 100 games or more in five of those seasons.  In 1912, the Braves became their new name due to their owner James Gaffney's connection to Tammany Hall, which used an indian cheif as their symbol.  The team moved to Milwaukee in 1953 and to Atlanta in 1966.  They're the Atlanta Braves today.

New York Highlanders - 1903-1912.  When the Baltimore Orioles of 1902 moved to the a new ball park in the remote "highland" area of Manhattan, they renamed the team the Highlanders. They are the N.Y. Yankees today.

Cleveland Naps - 1903-1914.  Prior to the 1903 season, the Cleveland Bronchos held a newspaper write-in contest to rename the team.  The winner of the contest named the team the Naps, after team captain and fan favorite Napoleon "Nap" Lajoie.  They are the Cleveland Indians today.

Chicaco Orphans - 1898-1901. Cap Anson was the first player in history to collect over 3,000 hits, and when he left his Chicago Colts team in 1898, the loss of his leadership resulted in the team becoming known as the Chicago Orphans (or Remnants).  They are now the Chicago Cubs.

Boston Americans - 1901-1907 - In 1901, the minor Western League, led by Ban Johnson, declared its equality with the National League, then the only major league in baseball.  Johnson changed the name of the league to the American League, leading teams in his league to be christened with the official nickname "Americans."  They are the Boston Redsox today.

2012 Fall Team Rosters

Quinn Martin Mgr
Tim Felher Mgr
Jason Queen
Gene Felher
Thomas Mahaffey
Andrew Odonald
Carl Putnam
Scott Stevens
Greg Alley
Bob Dalton
Kevin Blackston
William Cooper
Shane Lankford
Todd Money
Dylan Kasianwicz
Brandon Putnam
Jeremy Harvey
Jeff Mueller
Martin Riveria
Garrett Mueller
Matthew Betit
Gus Walser
Scott Boggs
Daniel Manley
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